SPECS Session Two (Questions/ Additional Material)

1.   What did you learn from the video/ conversation?

2. What did you disagree with in the video/ conversation (if anything)?

3. What are some African American Stereotypes? (Discuss) Where do these stereotypes come from?

4. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were the "minority" in the room? Share the story, and how it made you feel?

5.   Implicit bias is the bias in judgment and/or behavior that results from subtle cognitive processes (e.g., implicit attitudes and implicit stereotypes) that often operate at a level below conscious awareness and without intentional control.What things have shaped your view/ perspectives of African American's?

6.    How can you relate to the challenges encountered by African Americans?

7.    How could we celebrate/ promote diversity in our communities?

Take a look at this additional video.