SPECS EVENT (February 22nd)

What a great event we had 2 weeks ago at SPECS. Our guest speaker, Sheeza Mohsin did a phenomenal job sharing her perspective on being Muslim American Woman. We engaged in a beautiful yet challenging conversation about implicit bias and our need to see life thru someone else’s SPECS.

Here are a few discussion questions from our conversation.

1.    When you see what seems to be a Pakistani/ Muslim person in a restaurant, at a store or on an airplane, what are some things that go through your mind? Why do you think that is true?

2.    Islamaphobia is a term that is often used to define our fear of Islam, where does this fear come from?

3.    What are some ways we could fight islamaphobia in our communities?

4.    How could we celebrate diversity in our communities?

Join us for our next SPECS event on Wednesday, March 15th as we continue our conversation about race, and our need to see life thru someone else's SPECS.