WE would like to introduce you to THE SPECS MOVEMENT

It is no secret that we are living in confusing times in America and around this world. Do you feel unsettled? Are you searching for answers? for understanding? Do you have a desire to hear and understand the perspectives of people on both sides of the spectrum?

Well, you are not alone! We would like to invite you to join The SPECS Movement, so that you can see life through someone else’s SPECS.

The purpose of The SPECS Movement is to find creative ways to engage in healthy conversations about diversity, race, ethnicity and culture in order to promote unity and cultural intelligence not just in Dallas /Fort Worth, but throughout our country and around the world. Imagine the impact that engaging in thought provoking conversations about race can have? Starting in January, we will host an event once per month. You can find out more about these event HERE.

Either way, take time to see life through someone else's SPECS.